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I signed up for this multifandom mpreg thing. The problem is that I'm so smart, I have no freaking clue what the name of the comm is or how to find it. Can anyone help my brain, please?

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Thank you!! That's definitely the place.

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I saw that. When I get off work tonight, I'm just going to send them what I have. I'll just hope that I'm not the only writer that missed the check-in.

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Oh yeah. Supernatural all the way, baby!

(Deleted comment)
I have, but they've all been in the Smallville fandom. This will be my first official SPN one. Sam will be preggers in mine *whispers* and he'll be using that to get Dean out of Hell.

I can't wait to read your stories when they are posted. I'm a total mpreg junkie.

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